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The Sea Point Rotary club is involved, or had been involved in the past, with the Projects listed below. Please let us know if you are interested to get involved with one or more of these. All and any help is always welcome.

Bicycle Project

The Rotary Club Of Sea Point together with the "Do Something Now" organisation in San Diego, America, donated 31 new bicycles to pupils at Ocean View High School on Sunday April 19th 2009, valued at R50,000.00.

The project aims to enable pupils to get to school more efficiently which improves their productivity and saves time. Howard and Diane Schachat of "Do Something Now" worked with Gavin Schachat of Sea Point Rotary to fund the project. The couple hoped to continue to assist with similar projects in the future to uplift the community.


Blue Train Play-Park in Mouille Point.  

Blue Train Play-Park in Mouille Point

This play park has been in existence for over 50 years and is a landmark in the Mouille Point area having entertained generations of young children.

We have received large amount of community support following our club member , Attila's appearance on John Mathams show on 567 Cape Talk, pledging vocal and financial support for the continuation of this facility which was run by Round Table No 9 for almost 50 years, This Round Table club has entrusted this project to us. We have on a shoe string commenced operations with two Malawian managers Actol and Mervin who together maintain the site and administer and run the train.

Word of mouth is bringing more and more families with young children to the facility and we are fortunately running at a positive cash flow from day one. A long term lease is unfortunately not available from the council but medium term plans are in the process of being drawn up and put in place.

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Darling Trust Project

The Darling Trust Training Project

There is a disproportionally large number of unskilled adults in South Africa and therefore limited work opportunities, which has resulted in a 25% unemployment rate with 50% of the population living below the poverty line. Without access to education and training it is very difficult for disadvantaged communities to break this pattern. The Darling Trust works to address this problem by providing the local impoverished communities with an opportunity to generate their own income through skills training and also pass their skills onto others in the Darling community.

The Rotary Club of Sea Point together with the Rotary Club of Gstaad-Saanenland and The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International have raised R195,500.00 towards a skills training programme.

The programme will train 10 people from the community in Construction Masonry and Construction Carpentry over a period of 18 months.

The project will be administered by The Darling Trust which is a charitable trust that assists the Swartland communities by empowering individuals to help themselves, mainly through participation in the sectors of education, skills development and health.

Darling is a small town on the West Coast, 70 kilometres north of Cape Town. It is a town servicing a farming area and nestles among fynbos 12 minutes from the sea and the fishing village of Yzerfontein. Darling has around 8,000 residents. Of these 880 are "white" while the rest are mixed-race coloured and black, of which nearly 2,000 are under the age of 18.


Ellerton School Project

Rotary Donation to Ellerton Primary School

The Sea Point Rotary club has donated books to the value of R 18 271.32 to the Ellerton Primary School. These books are part of a programme called Literacy for All, which aims to teach young learners in their home language.

At a club meeting held on Wednesday 27th February educators Charlotte Cillié and Rasheed Rossier officially accepted the donation. Sea Point Rotary president, Carl May, said the donation was part of the club's ongoing commitment to social upliftment in the Sea Point area. Mr Rossier expressed the school's gratitude for the books, saying that the high quality Literacy for All materials will assist teachers to equip Ellerton's 350 learners with valuable knowledge for their futures. He said that many people were not aware that almost 85% of the school's learners were bussed in from less privileged areas like Khayalitcha. The books are in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa. According to Mr Rossier school readiness depends on a child's early education.


Firestation Project

Sea Point Fire Station

Sea Point Rotary presented the Sea Point Fire Station with outdoor furniture valued at R2500 and also a trophy donated by Jonathan Smiedt of Claremart Auctioneers, in recognition of their valuable service to the community.


Gastroscope Project

Somerset Hospital

A state-off-the-art Gastroscope costing R110,000 was donated to the New Somerset Hospital Aids Unit on the 11th July 2007.

This state of the art, high tech Gastroscope (a flexible tube which can be swallowed and allows visualisation of the oesophagus, stomach and duodenum) is already fully in service. The equipment is currently being used on about 30 patients per day.

The unit is compatible with other endoscopic equipment and can transmit and store images digitally. This implies that Somerset Hospital now has a fully equipped gastro-intestinal unit. The impact on the hospital and patients is tremendous. Patients do not need to be transferred to other hospitals for specialist gastro intestinal consults, which saves patients and the hospitals a lot of time and money.

The donation of R110,000, to cover the cost of the Gastroscope, was part of the clubs commitment to the Sea Point area. This amount was collected from local and international sources.

Contributions were made from:
Sea Point Rotary Club
Sea Point Inner Wheel Club
Rotary District 9350
Harbourside Rotary Club Canada
British Columbia Rotary Club Canada
Canadian Rotary District
Rotary International Foundation


iKamva Project

Ikamva Labantu

Thirty years ago, Helen Lieberman, stunned by the effects of poverty she saw around her, began a tiny programme to help mothers and children.

Today Ikamva Labuntu is a massive organisation that helps thousands of people in need in South Africa. It builds and supports crèches, schools, senior and youth centres, programmes for the disabled, skills training and building initiatives.

It employs social workers, occupational therapists, community fieldworkers, nurses and teams of volunteers.

Ikamva Labuntu develops solutions by South Africans for South Africans, building step by step, and person by person. Uniquely, this charity works from the inside out, rather than from the outside in. In this way we maintain community ownership and direction.

The Sea Point Rotary club teamed up with an American Rotary club to raise R134,800 which has been donated to Ikamva Labantu. This grant was made up of contributions from South African clubs, American clubs and districts as well as the Rotary Foundation.

Noel Cox, an ex-Capetonian now residing in America, currently a member of the Rotary Club of Westbay, Maine initiated the project. She had always wanted to give back to the country of her birth and felt Rotary was the best vehicle to achieve this goal. On a previous visit to Cape Town Noel witnessed the worthwhile community work of Ikamva Labantu and returned to America to raise funds. In collaboration with Rodney Mazinter of the Sea Point Rotary Club a matching grant was established to fulfil Noel's dream.

At a meeting held on Wednesday 12th September 2007 a cheque was handed to Jo Anne Prince, fund raising manager for Ikamva Labantu. Helen Lieberman, a long-time activist in the townships, founded Ikamva Labantu,as a social development organization, 45 years ago. They plan to use the grant to support their food security program, which provides for the poorest of the poor across the Western Cape. The organization currently feeds 36 000 children on a daily basis.


Includid Project

Vegetable Garden Project at Includid

The Sea Point Rotary Club has had a long term relationship with this NPO organization which is a cluster of homes for mentally challenged adults who live semi-independently on the grounds of Alexandra Hospital and our club financially assisted them with developing a vegetable garden in 2005.

The vegetable garden has become an important part in the daily lives of the residents, providing them with work and also healthy provisions for the table.

They are presently tapping water off the Alexandra Hospital municipal water supply which could be cut off at any stage, which would have dire consequences to the garden. This has prompted us to install a bore-hole at a cost of R30,000.00 which would sustain the garden for the future.

We have also provided Includid with the following:

1) Irrigation system
2) Gardening implements
3) Compost, vegetable seeds and plants on an ongoing basis

Left and Center: Rotary Members at the Vegetable Garden.
Right: Compost for the garden

Left: The Includid residents with Rotary Members.
Center: Drilling preparation starts for the garden new borehole.

Easter-Party at Includid

The Rotary Club of Sea Point gets actively involved together with an organization "PAT" (Pets as Therapy) in an event at the Alexandra Hospital for 150 of the physically and mentally challenged residents. We refer to the event as "The Easter Ice Cream Party"

These less fortunate people are provided with entertainment and given treats on this special day.


Nonceba Project

Ashley Kaimowitz Fund - Nonceba Centre

Nonceba: is a Khayelitsha based family counselling centre working with sexually abused children aged 14 or under and their families. Nonceba offers individual counselling and helps prepare children for court. They also strive to change cultural attitudes towards sexual abuse and run awareness and information sessions in primary schools.

In the poverty-stricken township of Khayelitsha, just outside Cape Town, South Africa, an estimated one in every three girls is raped by age 21. After HIV/AIDS, rape is South Africa's largest epidemic, largely because of a myth that sexual intercourse with a virgin can cure AIDS. Children are especially vulnerable, but they have few resources to protect them.

Ashley Kaimowitz was just 16 years old when she learned of the atrocities occurring in the township a few miles from her affluent Cape Town suburb. As secretary of the Herzlia High School Interact Club, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Sea Point, South Africa, Kaimowitz and her fellow officers were invited to visit the Nonceba Family Counselling Centre, which provides rape crisis services for children in Khayelitsha. Local resident Nocawe Mankayi established the center in 1998 to fight child rape in the community.

Mankayi runs the counselling center out of a one-room brick building in the heart of the township. It's leased monthly from the University of Cape Town and operates solely on donations from the private sector and the university, though the centre's volunteers sometimes contribute money from their own savings. Nonceba was and still is the only crisis center in the area established specifically for children who are survivors of rape and abuse.

The new premises for Nonceba is near completion and Sea Point Rotary together with the following participants have raised US$56,508 (R410,090) to provide furniture and equipment for the new centre.

Rotary Funds:
RI Funds received = US$24,879 (R180,372.75)
District Funds received = US$1,629 (R12,217.50)
Foreign Funds received = US$22,000 (R159,500)
Internal transfers between clubs in District = US$8,000 (R58,000)


One To One Project

One to One Event

The Rotary Club of Sea Point gets actively involved in manning a stand at an event called One to One where physically and mentally challenged residents of various homes in Cape Town are accompanied by volunteers for a session of fun at the Good Hope Centre. These less fortunate people are provided with entertainment and given treats on this special day by various organizations and NGOs. This event has been running for the past 29 years and will run once more on the 17th August 2008. About 2500 children and adults pass our stand on the day.


Playpark Project

Kiddies Play-Park in Sea Point

The City Council approached us to assist them in the refurbishing of an existing derelict Kiddies Play Park in the Sea Point area, which would benefit the community of Sea Point and Cape Town.

Sea Point Rotary together with the Following:
Lions Head Rotary
Cape Town Rotary
Signal Hill Rotary
Waterfront Rotary
Le Cap Des Tempêtes Rotary
Simplified District Grant

Raised R39,000 towards the play-equipment to be installed at a new kiddies play-park in Sea Point.

Play Park preparations


Sea Point High School Project

Sea Point High School

Members from Sea Point Rotary, will be assisting the school, with a reading programme with the grade 8 learners of Sea Point High School.


Top Cop Project

Sea Point Police "Top Cop Award"

Sea Point Rotary together with the Protea Hotel Group, acknowledges the Sea Point Police by presenting a "Top Cop" award to a Policeman or Policewoman selected by the Station Commissioner.

The Protea Hotel Sea Point sponsors R1000 and a free night stay at one of their Hotels. This is done on an annual basis.


Trash Band Project

Trash Band Project

This exciting project which is a City of Cape Town initiative, is aimed at youth at risk and street youth who are in existing reintegration programmes involving NGO'S and Local Networks of Care.

The kids are taught to make and play musical instruments which they transform from pieces of junk and discarded items.

The Sea Point Rotary Club together with Rotary Clubs, Cape Town, Lion's Head, Waterfront, Roggebaai and Newlands collaborated in supporting the "Street Kids Trash Band" by raising R40,000 towards the project.


Water Project

We want to make an impact on communities by purchasing and distributing enough LifeStraws to provide at least 10 Million litres of clean and safe water . Because each straw can filter 18000 litres of contaminated water, we need to raise enough funds to purchase 555 LifeStraws to reach our 10,000,000 Litre goal. This is equivalent to $17 800 (or R150 000 - depending on the exchange rate).

There are two ways to help us reach our goal:

  • Buy SafeWater Bracelets made by Relate Trust.
  • Purchase a Box of Bracelets

To see how you can help CLICK HERE

Our Partners:

Reach out to Africa
Relate Trust